Shake It Out, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to empower youth from at-risk and underserved neighborhoods to explore storytelling through theater in a peaceful, supportive, fun and educational setting.


Established in April of 2013 and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Shake it Out, Inc. seeks to partner with established summer camps, arts based community centers, and educational organizations to serve young people, 12-17 years of age.  Shake it Out, Inc.’s  highly trained staff will engage campers by guiding them through the creation of original theater pieces inspired by improvisation, poetry, short stories, music, dance, and current events.  Campers will have this experience in a beautiful upstate New York setting.  In addition, participants may enjoy hiking, swimming, and touring local colleges and universities.

The Program

  • Shake It Out will provide campers with a safe space to create and perform original theatre pieces.
  • Campers will receive all materials necessary to perform.  Additionally, they will engage in beginner to advanced performance training.
  • They will have the opportunity to work with professional stage managers, choreographers, designers and acting teachers in order to realize the vision of their original theatre piece.
  • In working with trained professionals, campers will be exposed to a professional work ethic and be expected to work like “professional actors” – remember their materials, memorize lines, learn stage directions, understand how theatre productions are logistically accomplished, and adhere to a tight, demanding schedule.