2019 Retreat Week Day 2

Today we had a GREAT, but exhausting first day in New Paltz! We left NYC around 9:20 and had a smooth ride upstate. After making sure all our room assignments were in order, and our rooms were unpacked, we headed to the dining hall for our first lunch! After lunch, we took a visit across campus to the Student Union Building (SUB) so Noreen, Tamia, and Karen could get their official “staff” badges. Then, we met with the President of the Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) and learned how students who need help academically and financially can achieve success at SUNY New Paltz and beyond.

Before dinner, the girls enjoyed some more time in the student lounge creating “found poems” then took a much needed break! We began working on “found poems” based on text from Michelle Obama’s book “BECOMING.” I’m thinking of sharing a picture of them on her instagram page! :) These poems allow girls to choose words and phrases from the text and then THEY get to decide how they want to put the words together poetically and artistically. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know them better and I’m really excited to see this piece all come together!

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