Program Director & Creator, Noreen Yarwood

Noreen is a native of the Hudson Valley and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Performance from SUNY New Paltz.  In 2007, Noreen received her masters degree in Theatre Education from Emerson College.  After earning her graduate degree, Noreen began actively seeking opportunities to work with urban youth from underserved communities in Boston, MA.  Additionally, she worked two summers as a teaching artist for Citi Performing Arts Center, a major theatre company in Boston.  Funded by foundation grants, this program provided free theatre enrichment programming for middle school students throughout Boston.  Noreen first taught as part of a year-long internship at the Boston Arts Academy (Boston’s public high school for the fine and performing arts).  Noreen also worked for three years at Phoenix Charter Academy in Chelsea, MA serving students who were previously high school drop-outs, court-involved, teen parents, or not achieving in traditional public schools.  For the past 3 years, Noreen has taught English Language Arts at a small independent charter middle school in Brooklyn, NY.


Noreen Yarwood, Founder and Program Director

Marissa Troeschel, Theater Educator

Board of Directors

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Stephen Balantzian

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